A dance performance about the moment of decision

“Kairos” is the moment of decision, the moment when time and eternity unite. The piece is not about the deed, actually taking place at the moment, but attemps to visualize the moment itself.

To achieve this, Martin Stiefermann combines elements of dance in its most abstract form and a very concrete illustration of the emotions connected with this special moment. The fear and hesitancy, when we are challenged to make use of it, the joy, when we have succeeded in recognizing and acting upon it or the realisation of failure.

Premiere 30. Juli 1998 at DOCK11 Berlin.







“…’Like sand on a beach’ is a poetic observation of time. His expressive dancers and the unusually abundent amount of hermetic pictures melt together and that is not found like ‘The sand on a beach’.” (tip Berlin)

“A win for the Berlin dance scene.” (Ballett international)


Choreography and set design: Martin Stiefermann
Music: Jan Pusch
Light design: Klaus Dust
With Aliksey Schoettle, Andreas J. Etter, Christian Schwaan, Michael Langeneckert, Tito Toblerone

Produced by MS Schrittmacher
Supported by DOCK11und Dinamix