Body. City. Pandemic.

an audiowalk by MS Schrittmacher

Premiere: 16th July 2021, 5pm & 7pm, Berlin Mitte

How does Corona change the choreography of our everyday life? MS Schrittmacher have investigated this question. Based on the results of their research, the group now invites the city’s residents to experience an individual tour through Berlin-Mitte, which makes the changed relationship to our own bodies and those of others tangible. Our perception of the everyday environment is thereby questioned by MS Schrittmacher through the lens of a magical urbanism. Who do we respond to and how do we encounter other people? How do we perceive public space and how far can we still trust our perception since the pandemic fundamentally questioned the unchangeable and the given? Ten walkers set out on their own, encountering stories, memories, voids, and questions left behind by the pandemic.The You’ll Never Walk Alone research blog accompanies the audio walk and collects the participants’ new perspectives online. By compiling these individual experiences, MS pacemakers add another layer to documenting the changing choreography of everyday life.

The audiowalk is only available in German. The audiowalk leads through public space, accessibility can therefore not be guaranteed. Recommended for people 14 years and older.

Direction, concept: Efrat Stempler
Artistic head of project: Martin Stiefermann
Text: Natalie Baudy
Dramaturgy, Blog: Hartmut Schrewe
Social Media: Dirk Kuntze, Hartmut Schrewe
Sounddesign: Albrecht Ziepert
Voices: Johanna Falckner, Bernhard Schütz
Production Management: Lisa Mitschke
Communication-PR: k3 berlin – Kontor für Kultur und Kommunikation
Audiowalk App: Storydive
Sound recording: Vicente Celi
Tour advice: Karen Pastofski
Graphicdesign: Peter Junge
Documentation: Andreas J. EtterC

Duration ca. 60 min

Further Audiowalks 17.07. – 07.08.2021; Wednesday – Sunday each 5pm & 7pm

Tickets: 7 / 9 Euro (excl. processing fee)

produced by MS Schrittmacher, sponsored by Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien in context of NEUSTART KULTUR
in cooperation with: Audiowalk App Storydive
supported by: Evangelische Kirchengemeinde St.Petri / St.Marien
Media partner: Der Freitag, Nachtkritik, taz