398 Billionen 236 Milliarden 608 Millionen. Ein Tauchgang

ein Audiowalk der MS Schrittmacher


398 trillion 236 billion 608 million. One dive.

an audiowalk by MS Schrittmacher

Premiere: 2nd October 2022, Groß Neuendorf

The Audiowalk is available around the clock.

DOWNLOAD STORYDIVE APP TO SMARTPHONE, bring your headphones and start at the loading tower / BARWAGGON in 15324 GROSS NEUENDORF.

Duration: 17 minutes

The audio walk producers of STORYDIVE together with BRUCHSTÜCKE have created an audio walk that takes the listeners on a dive.
You stand on the shore and look out over the Oder. Imagine you are waiting here for someone. What are you about to do together? What will you talk about? How will your conversation get into the flow?

The audiowalk invites you to look at the Oder together with the voice in your ear from different angles and takes you on an imaginary dive. A declaration of love for the Oder and the place, not forgetting the recent events in the summer of 2022.

The audiowalk is only available in German. The audiowalk leads through public space, accessibility can therefore not be guaranteed. Recommended for people 14 years and older.


Project management BRUCHSTÜCKE: Martin Stiefermann, Hartmut Schrewe
Text: Sophie Burger
Content support: Hartmut Schrewe
Narrator: Sophie Burger
Production management: Marie Golücke
Press / Public Relations: Stefanie Hintzsche
Audiowalk App: Storydive