The year 2022 is marked by exchange and experimentation. For their project bruchSTÜCKE MS Schrittmacher moves to the Oderbruch to build up a new audience in the rural area and to go new ways in presentation, development and mediation of dance and performance. For this purpose, the group sets up its tents in Wollup / Letschin and goes in search of the stories and concerns of the local people in order to bring them back to them with a dance, performative perspective. Be it through artists of the group, guests or together with the people in the Oderbruch.
“Who we are!?” is the theme of the first year of MS Schrittmacher im Bruch. We want to introduce ourselves artistically, we want to find out who has which stories to tell, how life is shaped and feels here and discover the different perspectives on this stretch of land. We want to know what moves people and set their stories, thoughts and themselves in motion. First as fragments, individual parts of the big whole, in order to then bring them together into a mosaic and make the diverse kaleidoscope of the Oderbruch experienceable with artistic means.

Supported by DIEHL+RITTER/TANZPAKT RECONNECT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. Support program dance


WWWonderland.Alice – Performance Video

from December 10th – 31st 2021 on

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Nine years after she fell into the wonderland of the colorful world of goods at Karstadt am Hermannplatz, MS Schrittmacher’s Alice 2021 slips into a bittersweet online adventure while trying to set up a social media account, in which the wonderland of Twitter, Instagram & Co develops a bizarre life of its own.WWWonderland.alice is a longplay performance video for and about the internet, funded by the NEUSTART KULTUR #TakePart program. It makes use of its aesthetics, speed and rules, gets to the bottom of its dazzling fascination and uses absurd means to question the authenticity of our digital identities, their effects on us and our communication, and the attributions to which our online selves are subjected.

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YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE – Research project

Website on the changing choreography of everyday life since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

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Since March 2020 at the latest, our everyday lives have changed dramatically. We go out of the house less, we leave our place of residence less often and our contact with other people decreases or is severely restricted. In the pandemic, awareness of one’s own body is joined by responsibility for those of others, and every private walk through public space has social relevance. In addition, the body experiences an enormous and abrupt reduction of physical closeness. Distance from each other and solidarity with each other have to be practiced in parallel, a task that a society has to get used to anew, that is exhausting, that frustrates. Questions about distance and isolation, but also about new forms of communication and solidarity determine our lives and our togetherness.The research team has dealt with the changed choreography of everyday life in different places and institutions, researched questions of mobility, isolation and communication and gathered the results on this website. Articles, links and videos were collected, interviews were conducted, and personal impressions and observations were shared in the blog.


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tourable: A BETTER LIFE – Performance

The performance A BETTER LIFE is based on the research project LUXUS-WEG, a co-production of the German dance and performance group MS Schrittmacher and the ACT Independent Theater Festival Bulgaria. In the LUXUS-WEG research project, German choreographer Martin Stiefermann and Bulgarian choreographers Willy Prager and Iva Sveshtarova have explored the migration movements between the two countries. The focus was on German seniors in poverty who emigrate to Bulgaria and young Bulgarians who come to Germany to work mainly in the medical and nursing sector. Questions about the motivation, development and significance of these movements were asked intensively during the research.What would one sacrifice for better living conditions and luxury? What does ‘a better life’ even mean today? When are we ready to exchange social capital for material capital?

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tourable: HEIMATFRONT – Das Desaster lässt grüßen / Domestic Front – the disaster says hello

a dance performance by MS Schrittmacher

In HEIMATFRONT – Das Desaster lässt grüßen (domestic front – The disaster says hello) MS Schrittmacher puts the question, how long we can ignore the exploiting and martial consequences of our lifestyle in the comfort zone of Europe

Rare earths in smartphones, the cheap shirt from the sweatshop factory, the unfairly traded cup of coffee – our daily lifestyle is based on exploitation and creates conflicts and wars. A fact that we are so clear about until we suppress it. For our comfortable lifestyle we wage a war of wealth whose frontlines are spread all over the globe. But the migration of refugees driven by desperation, the brutal escalation of conflicts throughout the world and the increasing of terrorism in Europe make it more and more difficult for us to look away. The disaster that our affluent societies carried out to the world is returning home to its origin.

How will our view and our actions change when the front of our war of wealth is coming closer and becomes a domestic front? What to do when you face the consequences of your wealthy lifestyle and when the possibility to suppress is almost gone? Three performers name the martial and inhuman aspects of our prosperity. They confront themselves and the audience, avoid the unavoidable and are forced to take action. A musician and a video artist record directly the abstruse fight of the performers and produce sound and video sequences out of it which create again and again new contexts and ludicrous spaces. With their eye for the grotesque in the real MS Schrittmacher put their finger on the wound in this absurd fight for prosperity and dignity.

The war which seems to be the war of the others is coming home and turns the comfort zone into the domestic front.

supported by Fonds Doppelpass of Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Here is a link to the HEIMATFRONT trailer
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tourable: AUSDRUCK-MOBIL – a research installation by MS Schrittmacher

a research installation by MS Schrittmacher about the emigration and the escape of German “Ausdruckstanz” dancers.

In the context of the POST- expressive dance in Israel, Germany and the Butoh-Festival – a two-weeks festival with installations, exhibitions, performances and interactive formats with Gaby Aldor, Maya M. Carroll, Johanna Lemke, Yuko Kaseki, Brit Rodemund, Efrat Stempler, Martin Stiefermann, Albrecht Ziepert, Roy Carroll and many more.

There is a link to the PREZI Documentation/Presentation to our research.

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