Part 3 of the dance radio play trilogy – in a theater installation

Why does a situation occur in a certain way and not differently? What role do cause and effect play in this context, and what do chance and luck mean? How does fate influence the way a situation develops?

“Begeben Sie Sich” is the third part of the dance radio play trilogy by MS Schrittmacher (concept: Martin Stiefermann). The author Matthias Wittekindt, recipient of the Kurt-Lasswitz Prize for the first part of Das Lewskow-Manuskript in 2006, was once again guided by Cicero’s works (De Fato), as he was in the first two parts.

“Chance” and “Fate” are the central motifs that the audience encounters on its way through this interdisciplinary installation, a labyrinth of space and time, challenging the audience to position itself over and over again in a game of repetition and change.

The visitor hears fragments of three stories spoken by Volksbühne actor Bernhard Schütz via headphones. The audience has the possibility to combine acoustic with visual impressions (images, video and dance) into a personal story.

The project thus not only brings together a wide range of different media, but also offers insights into diverse artistic approaches to the central motif of fate. “Begeben Sie sich” is a renewed continuation of MS Schrittmacher’s work on altered forms of perception.

World premiere: August 4th 2007 at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.


“Wittekindt’s text itself already plays with the availability of dramatic elements. He describes a location, sharpens the focus of a character, watches her act, and then, when you feel as though you are in the know, a wall of the installation shifts – and everything is open again. The developing atmosphere is, however constantly charged with expectations of events to come. And just as the text constantly prepares the stage for an event that never occurs, the dancers’ movements constantly anticipate the giant liberating gesture that cuts the tangled strings of the story and leaves it behind. An exciting puzzle that is a pleasure to watch.” (taz)


Research, Director, Choreography:Martin Stiefermann
Text: Matthias Wittekindt
Photos: Dieter Mammel
Director Radio Play, Music: Alexander Schuhmacher
Set Design: Max Wikström
Production Manager: Christian Maith
Videodesign:Andreas J. Etter
Costumes: Martin Stiefermann nach einer Idee von Birgit Wentsch
Dramaturgy:Efrat Stempler
Assistant:Antje Rose
Narrator/ Performance: Bernhard Schütz
Dance/ Performance: Annett Gurtler, Johanna Lemke, Antje Rose, Jon Buckels, Florian Bücking, Mitch de Pauw, Nicky Vanoppen

Koproduziert von der Akademie der Künste
Gefördert vom Hauptstadtkulturfonds
Unterstützt von Lichtblick, Fame&Glory, Medimax und DINAMIX