A Performance

Flatterei is a performance concept by Andreas J. Etter that has been appearing repeatedly at various locations.
Live dancers imprisoned in a cage have to deal with 20 chickens. Given that the feathered friends’ running direction, flight altitude and egg-laying behavior are difficult to anticipate, the humans’ patterns of action are therefore accordingly independent and different every show.

And in anticipation of hen-loving people’s critique, it should be noted that the dancers are experienced with hens, the cage is appropriate for the species and covered with straw, feeding and drinking straws are installed and, in cases of need, a cigarette machine that emits eggs removes any pressure to perform.

The performance took place on the occasion of 11 years of DOCK11 at the Gabati factory Berlin in August 2005.


Idea: Andreas J.Etter
Realization: Martin Stiefermann, Andreas J.Etter
Performance: Antje Rose, Anja Kursawe, Johanns Lemke, Delef Alexander, Martin Stiefermann, Andreas J. Etter