WAHLLOS (At random)

On a continual daily basis one is confronted with decision making, for something and against something else. One finds oneself in the never-ending process of selection, from the seemingly meaningless to the tremendously important and even existential decisions. We choose to be with one person while deserting another, either intentionally or unintentionally discriminating against someone. For some it is an active decision, for others it is decided for them. Creating the roles of victim and perpetrator in the ever changing game of decide and select. Those who find themselves in the role of victim, the outsider, give in, let themselves go, even provoking their own dilemma. The process becomes arbitrary and as such „random“.

Out on the playing field seven dancers find rules and ever new rules to win or lose by. Victim and perpetrator seek contact with the public in an attempt to gain support for their actions but in the end the public can only remain a passive witness to the never-ending cycle. Who stays in the end overtaking the role of perpetrator and with that becoming the winner? And who has lost, rejected, the loser, discarded, without worth or value?

Premiere 29th of April 2009


“So radical was Stiefermann never ever. ”(NWZ Radio)


Choreography and set: Martin Stiefermann
Music: Glenn Branca
Light design: Max Wikström
Choreographic assistance: Anja Kursawe
Dramaturgy: Diether Schlicker

With Laura Caldow, Johanna Lemke, Nicole van Gent, Martina Montero Arregui, Florian Bücking, Jon Buckels, Mitch de Pauw

Produced by MS Schrittmacher
Supported by DINAMIX und DOCK11