A x-mas-special

“Born from a tender root” is the x-mas-special of MS Schrittmacher and sheds a light on all the sentimental moments, unfulfilled wishes, nostalgia and anticipations associated with the Christmas season.

In 24 scenes the two protagonists take us for a stroll through the Advent season from the solemn hour of Christmas dinner, the contemplative breeding ground for family quarrels, to all the old and treasured Christmas traditions.

With this moving calendar Martin Stiefermann puts a spell on us, the powerful spell of Christmas that none of us can easily escape. This celebration sets something in motion – not only commercial turnover rates but our minds and maybe even the hearts.

Premiere 18.12.1998 at DOCK11 Berlin.






“… the parody of figure skating and a performance of Tschaikowsky’s nutcracker – never before the stage has seen something as finny and with such technical perfection…” (Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung)


Choreography and set design: Martin Stiefermann
Music: Sir Henry
Light design: Klaus Dust
With Gilys Komova und Christian Schwaan

Produced by MS Schrittmacher
Supported by DOCK11 und Dinamix