The Home Performance – A Series by MS Schrittmacher

How do we react to the abstract threat of the financial crisis? One of the most incisive phenomena is withdrawing from the public sphere as a an act of protection from the worst elements of the present day. As in the Biedermeier period, our homes have become the center of our lives; the way we live is a sign for others.

Members of MS Schrittmacher have been inviting audiences into their “real” homes since March 2013. It is an exclusive look at single, family and shared apartments, temporary residencies and even gardens. The home becomes a representative of our perspective on the world. It presents our life script. KOMM ZU MIR doesn’t just pose the question of who we are, but rather who we want to be. In an intimate performance, MS Schrittmacher and its guests explore the question of how our living space reflects us in the tension between personality and image. Redesigns are not excluded.

The number of participating performers as well as visitors is variable and depends on the respective scenario. But one thing is clear: the private visits are not just exclusive; the are also unique. And every invitation to eat together always includes an inspiring discussion.

Further performances coming soon…

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Two tickets per person only.



15. December – 5.00 pm
Hosted by Gilys Komova and Christian Schwaan

An invitation to a moving Advent coffee with sweet memories of AUS EINER WURZEL ZART.

Fifteen years after the premiere of the moving MS Schrittmacher Advent calendar AUS EINER WURZEL ZART, both protagonists open a door into the past: They betray secrets and delve into memories until their legs start twitching. Oh, the way it was…

Special guests: Santas
Food: Mother Stiefermann’s Christmas cookies and punch


23.11.2013 – 8.00 pm
Hosted by Tito Toblerone

1913 – An Invitation to a home concert

The multi-artist Tito Toblerone has been accompanying MS Schrittmacher with his talents and activities for the last 15 years. Supported by Maike Albrecht, Hans-Jürgen Schnoor and Jongyeol Choi, Tito Toblerone is inviting you to a home concert with 1913, a year of cultural revolution, as its theme. Of course, it all takes place in his home and domain: an event hall in Wedding.

With special guests Maike Albrecht – Sopran, Hans-Jürgen Schnoor & Jongyeol Choi – Klavier and Performers from MS Schrittmacher

Musik by Debussy, Ravel, Berg und Strawinsky.
Find further informationen on the music program here.

Dinner: soups from three countries: bortsch, fritaten and bouillabaisse


14.10.2013 – 8.00 pm
Hosted by Nicky Vanoppen

An invitation to the survival training of Berlin’s freelance artists

The long-standing MS Schrittmacher dancer, performer and declared non-cook Nicky Vanoppen as well as his special guests Jessica Kammerer-Georg, Jorge Morro, Brit Rodemund and Antje Rose offer their basic survival course for artists, non-artists and those who would like to become such.

Dinner: Belgian waffles und Belgian beer


20. May 2013 – 8.00 pm
Hosted by Angelika Thiele

The Federal Chancellor’s shiatsu therapist invites you to Merkel’s potato soup with plum cake.

Angelika Thiele is a contemporary dancer and performer with a strong interest in Argentine tango. In addition, she is also completing a shiatsu education. The actor and performer Effi Rabsilber has been successfully touring as Angela Merkel’s alter ego since 2009. Both artists got to know each other in the MS Schrittmacher production „Alice im Wunderland“.

Idea / concept: Martin Stiefermann
Staging / choreography: Angelika Thiele & Effi Rabsilber
Special guests: Effi Rabsilber & Martin Stiefermann
Food: German home cooking


20. March 2013 – 8.00 pm
Hosted by Efrat Stempler

An invitation to a perfect dinner, overshadowed by merciless honesty.

Efrat Stempler has been working with MS Schrittmacher as an artistic assistant and dancer since 2002 (Das Lewskow Manuskript, Memotrip, Begeben Sie sich, Anatomie einer Nachricht und Alice in Wunderland, etc.).
She has been working as a choreographer and director of her own company in Berlin since 2004. In 2008 she founded the performance label Less Mess with Martin Stiefermann.

Idea / concept: Martin Stiefermann
Staging / choreography: Efrat Stempler
Special guest: Brit Rodemund
Food: Israeli