PLACES & TRACES – A guided rickshaw video tour through the center of Berlin

The crisis is alive. Also or maybe even especially in Berlin Mitte. Places like the Staatsoper, the Schuldenuhr or the Stadtschloss speak a clear language. At other more common places, you need to look behind the façades.

In PLACES & TRACES, MS SCHRITTMACHER invites the visitors of the PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL to a rickshaw crisis rally back and forth across Berlin Mitte. The project’s performance artists drive the rickshaw guests from one crisis location to the next. They feed them with facts and present a performance video at each of the eight stations; it gives insight behind the façades and tracks the traces that the location or the crisis has left at the location. It is a gaze or a commentary that makes this site more complete.


To watch the trailer for Places & Traces click here.



The première took place on 1st of August 2015

PLACES&TRACES took part at the Performing Art Festival in May 2016


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„A clever combination of performance and politics is presented to us by the ensemble of MS Schrittmacher. Such a magnificent, highly political ride with a Rickshaw allows our thoughts take flight.“ (ZITTY)

„Suddenly one connects specific places with social public debates. The concept oft he guided Rickshaw tour works out.“ (TAZ)

„The videos comment mockingly on the new wastefulness. ‚Places & Traces’ heads for more than one bone of contention. After the tour you will see the city through different eyes.“ (Der Tagesspiegel)

„From the 1st of August until the 1st of October 2015 MS Schrittmacher guides interested people though Berlin in a Rickshaw. But they do not lead you from one sight to the other, but from one place of crises to another. And there are many of these in Berlin – for example the State Opera, the debt clock or the City Palace.“ (Fluxfm)


  • Choreography, director, concept: Martin Stiefermann
  • Co-director: Efrat Stempler
  • Script / dramaturgy / text: Hartmut Schrewe
  • Music: Albrecht Ziepert / Pentatones
  • Editing: Willi Neumann, Andreas J. Etter
  • Camera: Birgit Handke, Mario Kraus, Willi Neumann, Andreas J. Etter and Fabio Stoll
  • Press / communication: k3 berlin
  • Production: Helena Tsiflidis
  • Dancers/performers: Antje Rose, Brit Rodemund, Jessica Kammer-Georg, Jorge Morro, Nicky Vanoppen, Efrat Stempler, Carolin Meyer, Frederike Bliese, Effi Rabsilber, Martin Stiefermann, Johanna Lemke, Andreas Ühlein, Hartmut Schrewe, Krzystof Ratzkowsky, Ante Pavec

A produktion by MS Schrittmacher

Supported by the Ruling Mayor of Berlin and additional support by DINAMIX, DOCK11 EDEN*****  and Berlin Rikscha Tours