A dance performance about social rituals

Power games, virile demonstrations, social rituals, flirts and subordination, seduction and suspension. The rituals of grown-up citizens in the age of post-Enlightment. Tough easily unmasked by the vast community of do-it-yourself psychologists, nobody seems to be immune against these games.

The rules learned in childhood can, if masterly applied, be exploited to great advantage in adulthood. Stiefermann and his dancers exploit every ounce of senic wit from the mechanisms they expose.

Premiere 29. Oktober 1999 at DOCK11 Berlin.


“Stiefermann has not only the x-ray vision for the oddities of society but also the ability to translate his observations in a dance language that everyone can relate to without falling flat. A perfect marriage between intellect and sensuality, the expressive power of dance and a highly developed sense of scenic translation…” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)



Choreography and stage design: Martin Stiefermann
Music: Pascal Comelade und Christoph Coburger
Costume design: Birgit Wentsch
Light Design: Klaus Dust
With Gilys Komova, Barbora Kryslova, Detlev Alexander, Martin Stiefermann, Michael Langeneckert

Produced by MS Schrittmacher
Coproduced by FFT Düsseldorf und den Flottmannhallen Herne
Sponsored by Kulturamt Prenzlauerberg
Supported by DOCK11, DINAMIX und Siemens AG Berlin