VonInnenHerausDraussen MS SchrittmacherVON INNEN HERAUS DRAUSSEN

A choreographic discourse by →MS Schrittmacher

About the way we deal with a world that has become intangible

Faith in our economic and democratic systems is increasingly fading. We feel the current crisis without really understanding its complexity. While the people in the wealthier parts of Europe are retreating from the public sphere into the private realm due to a threat that is still abstract to them, the very concrete threat to people’s existence in the crisis-riddled European South is driving others onto the streets. Both reactions have a certain helplessness in common.

Two reactions, two dancers, two choreographers. One Europe, one stage, one piece. In VON INNEN HERAUS DRAUSSEN, the retreat from public space confronts its recapture.

First, the choreographers Efrat Stempler and Martin Stiefermann separately investigate the physicality, dynamics, urgency and perspectives of retreat and recature; then both forms will be brought on stage as a common piece in order to once again restore the context.

The connecting link between these two levels is Albrecht Ziepert’s sound cosmos; he will form the live sounds of both dancers’ movements and bodies into the soundtrack of an intangible world.


The World Premiere took place on the 21st  of November 2014 at EDEN***** Berlin 



The trailer to VON INNEN HERAUS DRAUSSEN can be found here.



“At the beginning, a news mix is shown on video. Then the two performers – Jorge Morro and Andrea Dorian Rama – stand in front of two microphones and corroborate: no, no, no, no… then they switch positions and once again disagree with the impositions of the outside world. Then it gets more expressive and confusing, but still remains close to the subject at hand: „VON INNEN HERAUS DRAUSSEN” is the motto of the dance performance by MS Schrittmacher. It’s a choreographic discourse that isn’t easy to follow, but was so exciting that time was simply flying. At this performance, you sit in a circle around the performers. We felt – as is the case in today’s society – very voyeuristic while observing the intense and expressive, power-sapping intertwining movement. This supported the feeling of being exposed and of attempting to escape.” (Der Freitag /Magda)


  • Concept/ choreography: Efrat Stempler, Martin Stiefermann
  • Performer: Jorge Morro, Andrea Dorian Rama
  • Live musician: Albrecht Ziepert
  • Dramaturgy/ text: Hartmut Schrewe
  • Stage set: Martin Stiefermann
  • Lighting/ stage technician: Fabian Bleisch
  • Production management: ehrliche Arbeit – freies Kulturbüro
  • Press: k3 berlin – Kontor für Kultur und Kommunikation
  • Photos: Andreas J. Etter, Ruthe Zunz
  • Graphics: Peter Junge
  • Interns: Natalie Baudy, Sarah Stührenberg

A production byMS Schrittmacher

Produced at DOCK11 EDEN*****

Supported by the Governing Mayor of Berlin

Supported by Lichtblick and DINAMIX

Media partner: Berliner Fenster