a digital dance interruption of everyday life by MS Schrittmacher

Premiere: 29th of April, 2023 at Oderbruch

The digital – dance project TANZstopp takes place directly in the everyday life of the people of the Oderbruch. Through surprising presentations of dance videos produced for the project in rural public spaces, it interrupts daily routines, conveys dance, makes it visible and tangible, and deals with a topic that is highly relevant in the region:

Four dancers and four people from the Oderbruch region each use dance and movement to explore the state of water, its elemental significance for humans and nature, and its transformative power. These solos meet digitally in four dance & movement videos, in which the perspectives of the dancers and the people from the region meet.
The videos will be presented at various locations in the Oderbruch.
Open your eyes!

Dancers/Choreographers: Annelie Andre, Florian Bücking, Brit Rodemund, Lukas Steltner

People from the Oderbruch: Kai Peter Czernitzky, Elisabeth Lehmann, Gudrun Große-Puschmann, Hartmut Schrewe

Project management/concept/choreography: Martin Stiefermann
Choreography: Antje Rose
Concept/Dramaturgy: Hartmut Schrewe
Camera/Editing: René Arnold
Costumes: Keren Korman
Production management: Agnes Kern
Technical direction: Stefan List
Press / Public Relations: Julia Vogel

TANZstopp is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR program, tanz:digital aid program of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.