Part 2 of the Dance-Radio Play Trilogy

After The Lewskow-Manuscript the author Matthias Wittekindt from Berlin has written a text for 
MS Schrittmacher’s second dance-radio play, too, which is dealing with the mnemonic, the technique of improving the efficiency of the memory in the antique.The story of the writer Levy is continued, who tries to recall a certain word which is essential for his life. The spectators and the audience accompany him on his journey through different rooms, times and situations.

As in The Lewskow-Manuscript the audience will receive headphones in „Memotrip“, too, following the radio play where as at the same time the dancers show on stage how the pictures in Levy’s head are taking more and more shape.

In the antique mnemonics from Cicero’s rhetoric techniques the thoughts or terms are directly associated with imaginations of space to improve the memory. That’s why the choreography, too, has been set into relation with concrete places and meanings which will be decoded little by little. The aim of Cicero’s rhetoric – to absorb a thought and to be able to put it in words in a convincing way – is transfered to a ficticious world.

Premiere 06. November 2004 at DOCK 11 Berlin.


Choreography and Concept: Martin Stiefermann
Text: Matthias Wittekindt
Stage Design: Till Kuhnert
Light Design: Max Wikström
Costume Design: Birgit Wentsch
Choreography Assistant: Efrat Stempler
Dramaturgy: Diether Schlicker
Narrator: Bernhard Schütz
With Annett Gurtler, Tina McErvale, Sita Ostheimer, Jonathan Buckels, Damian Gmür, Daniel Soulié

Produced by MS Schrittmacher
Coproduced by vom Oldenburgischen Staatstheater
Promoted by den Senat für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Berlin
Supported by Dinamix und Medimax