A stage piece by MS Schrittmacher on the greed virus

There have always been crises. They come and go, but every time they also change social contexts. And thus our thinking and behavior. The world economic crisis, the oil crisis and the current crisis that we now just simply call “the crisis”. What causes this perpetuum mobile of crisis? In their new production, GOLD, the MS Schrittmacher company takes on the greed for gold – and thus wealth and power. In the process, MS Schrittmacher makes clear that greed is what is unique – not the crisis.

Gold does not leave people indifferent. No other resource on earth is more representative of wealth and power. Nothing seduces people more and stimulates their greed. In the face of gold, people reaped and reap profits, stole and steal, murdered and murder. The greed for gold has characterized people’s lives and coexistence from the Bronze Age up to today’s capitalism. Greed has always been outfitted with new faces, but all of them share the same principle.

GOLD tracks down greed and seduction. The greed for gold accelerates us – and our times. Avarice must be quick – faster than all the rest when it wants to be successful in the hunt for more and more. Those who weren’t fast enough have to steal; those who were stolen from take the risk and fight. The loser will defend himself. The spiral of greed rotates faster and faster, turns order into chaos, fascinates us and draws us in. With its sense for tragic humor and humorous tragedy, the company investigates the greed virus’ ominous effects on human coexistence and social systems.

Triumph or lackluster failure.

MS Schrittmacher will be dealing with the crisis for two years, 2013 and 2014: in its current appearance, its different forms and the people’s reactions. In addition to the home performance series KOMM ZU MIR, which has already begun, MS Schrittmacher is presenting its first stage piece on the subject: GOLD. It deals with one of the decisive causes for crisis: greed. The interactive, site-specific video tour ICH SCHAU DIR IN DIE AUGEN, KRISE will start in the spring of 2014 at Berlin’s locations of crisis. In the fall of 2014, MS Schrittmacher will return to the stage with another piece on the subject.

The World premiere took place on the 6th  of November 2013 at EDEN***** Berlin 



Concept: Martin Stiefermann, Hartmut Schrewe, Efrat Stempler
Choreography: Martin Stiefermann in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Antje Rose, Brit Rodemund, Jessica Kammerer-Georg, Jorge Morro und Nicky Vanoppen
Co-Choreography: Efrat Stempler
Dramaturgy: Hartmut Schrewe
Music: Sir Henry
Scenography: Cordelia Matthes
Costumes: Lorraine Göhring
Light design: Torsten König
Production managment: ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro
Press: k3 berlin
Social media: Bonnie Stanway
Photography: Andreas J. Etter
Graphic design: Peter Junge
Technician: Fabian Bleisch

A production by MS Schrittmacher
Produced at DOCK11 EDEN*****
With support by the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Senate Chancellery Cultural Affairs
as well as LICHTblick, Berliner Fenster and DINAMIX