Part 1 of the Dance-Radio Play Trilogy

The Berlin author Matthias Wittekindt has written a text for MS Schrittmacher, and it was adapted to a radio play by Christoph Kalkowski. The spectator is listening to this radio play by earphones while – at the same time – the dancers on stage show what is going on in the head of the narrator.

This unusual theatrical form of perception is a special symbiosis of watching and listening. First of all the sensorial perceptions are separately absorbed, only the spectator and listener does combine these and unites the visual and acoustic impressions.

The dance-radio play “Das Lewskow-Manuscript” is playing with elements of detective story, love story, and science fiction. It tells a story about the possibility of forming a clear idea in a world overcrowded by sensations. The audience is led into the world of Alexander Lewskow. A world from which the narrator never returned.

Premiere 01. February 2004 at DOCK11 Berlin


“The sheer physicality of the seven ‘Schrittmacher’ is very impressive. Stiefermann manages to create a piece that despite its 
concrete form remains abstract, so that the fantasy of the public continues on.” (ballet-tanz)


Choreography and concept: Martin Stiefermann
Text: Matthias Wittekindt
Stage Design: Till Kuhnert
Light Design: Max Wikström
Costume Design: Birgit Wentsch
Audio Play Director: Christoph Kalkowski
Choreography Assistant: Annette Lopez-Léal
Dramaturgy: Efrat Stempler
Narrator: Bernhard Schütz
With Maura Morales, Sita Ostheimer, Antje Rose, Efrat Stempler, Jonathan Buckels, Damian Gmür, Pascal Séraline

Produced by MS Schrittmacher
Coproduced by Oldenburgischen Staatstheater
Promoted by Senat für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Berlin
Supported by Dinamix und Medimax