An Installation

Sprawl, grow wild, run wild, bloom, develop, green, wilt, flourish, reproduce, swell, sprout, shoot up, thrive, multiply, blossom, flourish, plant, develop, run wild, sprawl, grow wild, expand, thrive, take root, green, wilt, dry up, dry, shrivel, pick, reap, pollinate, sow and explore.

No manifest was written for the new location EDEN*****. On purpose. What you formulate in early concepts and what life actually brings do not have to be identical. Instead, exciting projects develop as a result of coincidences, problems, meetings with people from different backgrounds, daily news – no one could have written any of this down beforehand.

If we define the future concisely in theory , we neglect taking into consideration the potential of its participants. However, this does not mean that we should give up on concepts and quality.

The result of a culture of guidance – connecting, moderating and documenting the rhizomatic process of web-building; of things interweaving. Letting a multiplicity of smaller roots run wild. In this process, there is rank growth, wilting and thriving; there are also unique characteristics that lead to further offshoots. The many connections don’t mix to become one, but remain heterogeneously intertwined, leading to new and surprising things. But this can only work if all participants strive towards “free and creative acts in reference to the present context” (Deleuze).

Das Rhizom machen presents traces of artistic action and artistic networks on the occasion of the opening of EDEN***** .

The opening took place on 12.11.2009.

Realized by Martin Stiefermann
Supported by Hauptstadt Kultur Fonds