AUSDRUCK-MOBIL – a research installation by MS Schrittmacher about the emigration and the escape of German “Ausdruckstanz” dancers

A bastei caravan makes it possible to experience „Ausdruck“ (expression) and „Mobilität“ (mobility) in its several meanings: The AUSDRUCK-MOBIL invites its visitors to follow autonomously the traces of more than 30 German “Ausdruckstanz” dancers.

On the outside of the caravan you can find a chart giving an overview of the artists, their work, their escape and emigration in the ‘40s. Based on six questions the results of the research show which artistic inspiration the “Ausdruckstanz” dancers brought into the „world of dance“ and which influences the retournees brought back to Germany.

The inside of the caravan offers the possibility to extend knowledge on an individual basis. The “Ausdruckstanz”-impro video is the result of the search for concise improvisation themes in “Ausdruckstanz” and transfers him through a performative examination to here and now.

A sound installation accompanies the haptic reconstruction of the escape routes throughout the caravan, information material and an animated online presentation (PREZI) is provided.

Valuable information can be printed out in the AUSDRUCK-MOBIL, can be sent by email upon request or can be provided directly on site from the research team.

There is a link to the PREZI Documentation/Presentation to our research and here is the trailer.



revival at the Performing Arts Festival from June 16-18, 2017 each day from 5.30 – 10.00 pm
at the courtyard of DOCK11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

The content of AUSDRUCK-MOBIL was part of the exhibition “Deutscher Tanzmonat” at the Goethe Insitute in Tokyo in the frame of the Tokyo festival from the 1st till the 19th of November 2016.

  • installation, research, choreography: Martin Stiefermann
  • dancers in the video: Brit Rodemund, Efrat Stempler, Johanna Lemke
  • sound design: Albrecht Ziepert
  • videos: Willi Neumann
  • digital ilustration (PREZI): Carolin Schultz
  • research collaboation: Antje Maria Lossin, Alisa Beckstein
  • text, editorial: Hartmut Schrewe

Produced on the occasion of POST- Ausdruckstanz in Israel, Deutschland and the Butoh Festival at Dock 11 Berlin in November 2015

Sponsored by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and supported by 50 Jahre Deutschland Israel 

Thanks to the Archive of the Akademie der Künste Berlin, Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln, Tanzarchiv Leipzig


From 04th-8th Nov. and 11th-15th Nov. 2015 the expressive vehicle (“Ausdruck-Mobil”) was ready for you!

In the context of the POST- expressive dance in Israel, Germany and the Butoh-Festival – a two-weeks festival with installations, exhibitions, performances and interactive formats with Gaby Aldor, Maya M. Carroll, Johanna Lemke, Yuko Kaseki, Brit Rodemund, Efrat Stempler, Martin Stiefermann, Albrecht Ziepert, Roy Carroll and many more took place at Dock 11,  Berlin