A dance performance about animals and love

The games adults play and end up putting each other through is what MS Schrittmacher in “Games poeple play” grotesquely reveals.

And with the production “Don’t play with your food” MS Schrittmacher portrays the failure of human relationships to the flight of the loser in his own livingroom.

It is at home that the lonesome one looks for his new partner in a feathered or four legged friend to compensate his deficit. But what is the result when our need for love is solely directed to a house pet or when mans best friend is more then that? This is the latest production from MS Schrittmacher an this dancers in their tragic comic way.



Premiere 12.Januar 2002 at Dock 11 Berlin.



»Bittersweet and sarcastic is this fabulous show..« (Andrea Philippi, Die Welt)


Choreography and set design: Martin Stiefermann
Music: Sir Henry, Pascal Comelade
Stage Design: Till Kuhnert
Costume Design: Alexander Ambite
Light Design:  Klaus Dust
With Maria Nitsche, Antje Rose, Mata Sakka Joris Camelin, Andreas J. Etter, Jeroen Mosselman + Terrine

Produced by MS Schrittmacher
Coproduced by Oldenburgischen Staatstheater
Sponsored by den Senat für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur Berlin
Supported by Dinamix