Ten Days, Five Formats on the Legacy and Lasting Influence of Anita Berber // June 18th – 29th, 2014 Studio 1 Kunstquartier Bethanien Mariannenplatz 2 10997 Berlin

Most people today have only heard of Anita Berber, dance icon of the 1920′s, in connection with her scandalous life. But Anita Berber was more than that. She redefined the art of her age like no other and challenged the viewing habits of her audiences. In her dances, Anita Berber, who also acted in many important films of her day, mercilessly exposed the innermost depths of her soul. Tender and eternally committed to the moment, she granted her spectators intimate insights into her own personal world of morbidity and unfathomable depths.

In ANTA BERBER – RETRO/PERSPECTIVE, MS Schrittmacher set out to explore the legacy and lasting influence of Anita Berber in five different formats presented over the course of ten days at Anita Berber’s place of death, the Bethanien in Berlin-Kreuzberg – former hospital and now centre for the arts.

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Funded by TANZFONDS ERBE – An initiative by the German Federal Cultural Foundation



 KOMM ZU MIR – The Home Performance 

Members of MS Schrittmacher have been inviting audiences into their “real” homes since March 2013. It is an exclusive look at single, family and shared apartments, temporary residencies and even gardens.

How do we react to the abstract threat of the financial crisis? One of the most incisive phenomena is withdrawing from the public sphere as a an act of protection from the worst elements of the present day. As in the Biedermeier period, our homes have become the center of our lives; the way we live is a sign for others.

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